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AJ Productions
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Specializing in Station Imaging
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Ad Copy Writing
Welcome to AJ Productions!

Here at "AJ Productions" Our empassis is not just focused on the quality of our work, You are AJ Productions "main concern." With that we are focused on perfection on getting your needs taken care of in timely manner to provide you the fastest turn-around.

If you or you business is need of any type or form of production, wheather it's for radio or can all be done here at AJ Productions. 

AJ Productions is your one stop for Script writing(Ad Copy).  Our Writers specialize all types of creative writing for businesses, to help keep you ahead of the game.  Not for everyone, but most takes time to be creative.  Here at AJ Productions,  it's comes almost natural for our writers who have a long history of commercial writing.

For those who need custom imaging, it's right here.  AJ Productions can emphasis on your needs, to get you results....and the way you want them.

Voice-over work is never a problem.  You can add your own music to the voice over, or we can doit for you.  We are exclusive to you in your market.

Any and all types of audio recordings are made possible in our own studio.  All of our production is produced by our production engineer,(and he's Top of the Line)!

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All Audio is avaliable free Via mp3, and CD with postage.

Your business is our business!

All Rates are negotiable to suit your every need.  Email for questions, demo, or to get results with our over night turnaround!

AJ Productions* Andalusia* Alabama* US * 36420